• Borough of Beach Haven Pavillion
  • Borough of Beach Haven Pavillion
  • Borough of Beach Haven Pavillion


Our beaches are open. We require that members of the public practice social distancing while present at all public beaches, including staying six feet apart, excluding immediate family members. All employees and visitors are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings when present on the public beaches, and in any setting where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Public bathrooms are OPEN.  Remember to keep hand sanitizer handy and maximize the space between you and others.

Beach Haven seasonal badges can be purchased at the pre-season price of $30 until June 15th:

  1. Through our app VIPLY (surcharge applies).  Pre-purchase before you come then scan in at the Badge Office on Centre St. beach and go!
  2. Mail in an order form and a check.  Pick up the badges with your receipt and ID at the Badge Office on Centre St. beach. *must be postmarked by June 15th to receive the pre-season price*

Centre St. Badge Office is OPEN.  The office is located on the beach at the end of Centre St. and can be reached at #609-492-9193.  Office Hours are Monday through Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm; Sunday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Day Trippers.  You must load the VIPLY app and purchase your daily or weekly badges prior to entering Beach Haven beaches.  To limit interaction and protect our staff, roving checkers will not be accepting cash.  (a surcharge will apply)

Pavilions – will be open to the public as long as all social distancing guidelines are followed and the occupancy does not exceed 25 people at one time.

*Masks must be worn when interacting with all Borough Employees ie. Recreational Depts., Beach Patrol, Lifeguards, as well as all retail establishments when picking up or ordering food or other items.

*These guidelines are subject to change.

Playground & Athletic Fields / Courts Best Practices During the COVID-19 Outbreak
As recommended by the Municipal Insurance Carrier:

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s Emergency Declaration of March 16, 2020 placed a limit of 50 people for all social functions and “gatherings” due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has since lowered the number of persons to 10. The purpose of the Governor’s action is to limit social contact in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus.

Consistent with the Governor’s Declaration, the Safety Director’s office recommends that playgrounds, athletic fields and courts, and similar park facilities that encourage group activities should be closed and stay closed until the Governor lifts the Emergency Declaration.
The Safety Director’s recommendation for closure of these facilities does not apply to passive recreation areas.

As noted above, passive areas such as nature walks and peripheral jogging / walking paths do not tend to attract ‘groups’ and can, at least for now, be left open.

The Safety Director will closely monitor the situation and provide additional guidance as is warranted.

Addendum to park and playground closures as directed by Gov Murphy & JIF more info

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