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Secretary of Public Works: Jacqueline Fife

Superintendent of Public Works: Chris Carson

Assistant Superintendent of Public Works:  Dean Cleland

Recycling Coordinator: James Sferra

Phone: 609-492-2525

Office Hours:  7am-2pm
Monday through Friday


REMINDER: The Borough of Beach Haven does not pick up household hazardous waste. The placement of these items on the curb is not permitted!

The Ocean County Department of Solid Waste does have a Household Hazardous Waste Program with scheduled days, times and locations for waste drop-off. Click here to view the schedule.

Trash Schedule

Recycling Tips from the Experts!


~ Plastic buckets with metal handles

~Empty garbage cans(any size)

~Plastic milk/soda crates

~PET blister pack

~Plastic laundry baskets

~5 gallon water bottles

~Plastic lawn furniture

~Computer housing (no circuits)

~Plastic landscape & microwave trays

~Automotive plastics

~Plastic totes-any size (with metal)


~Plastic drums(any size)

-Bed liners (pick up trucks)

~Plastic toys & playhouses


~Plastic pet carriers

-Side-view mirrors

~Plastic pallets

-Head lights & Rear lights

~Plastic coolers

-Hub-caps, etc.

~Plastic shelving

~Plastic closet organizers

~Plastic dish drainers

~Plastic flower pots (no soil)

~Plastic traffic signs


  • PVC Pipe/tubing, Vinyl siding

  • Plastic film (Grocery bags & stretch film)

  • Styrofoam of any kind

  • Poly-coated Paper (Orange juice & milk cartons)

  • Flexible Water Hoses, Hazardous material, Medical waste

  • Narrow-neck liquid containers- Used small-mouth containers

  • Small plastic containers (Yogurt cups, PET/HDPE Bottles, etc.)

  • Oil/Chemical containers (HDPE)

Items can be placed curbside for weekly pick-up.