April 10, 2020
Executive Order 122, Interpretation and Implementation
Construction Office Recommendations

Starting Monday, April 13, 2020, until further notice:

  1. Buildings will remain closed to the public.
  2. Offices will remain open with limited staffing and appropriate social distancing.
  3. Permits submitted prior to, and after, 4/10/20:                                                                        

If the work meets the definition of essential construction, as defined in EO 122, then the permit is issued. If the work does not meet the definition, it will be processed, but not issued until the order is lifted.

  1. Projects already underway involving individual single-family homes, may continue provided the construction crew at any one time is made up of 5 or fewer individuals.
  2. Projects already underway involving a residential unit for which a tenant or buyer has already entered into a legally binding agreement to occupy the unit by a certain date, and construction is necessary to ensure the unit’s availability by that date, may continue.
  3. We will continue to inspect and close out construction work that was already underway prior to 4/10/20.

Respectfully submitted

Sean MacCotter

Construction Official, Beach Haven Interlocal