09/03/2016  5:36pm

This message is from your Beach Haven Office of Emergency Management. Based on the latest briefing from the NWS, with the onshore wind and multiple cycles of high tides the back bay will not drain as quickly so it will take longer for the roads to clear between tide cycles. Expect higher than normal street flooding. If you are planning to leave the Island it is our suggestion that you do so before Sunday nights high tide which will occur between 10:30 – 11:30pm. There is the potential for strong damaging winds with gusts up to 50 mph, which could cause power outages. Heavy rain will be associated with this storm beginning Sunday into Monday. Be sure to secure all outdoor furniture, move your vehicles to higher ground, plan as you would for any emergency. Please do NOT go into the surf when lifeguards are not present, as conditions worsen you should not go into the surf at all. For emergencies dial 9-1-1. Please do NOT call the police department for weather updates instead utilize local media sources.


9/2/2016 3:36pm

Due to the impact of Tropical Storm Hermine we are expecting tide heights to run 8-8 ½ feet above mean low water from Saturday night into Sunday morning. There are two hides tides to be cautionary about, Saturday night between 10-11pm high tide and Sunday morning between 10-11am.

We have the potential for Minor – moderate flooding from the back bays. Rain will begin light Saturday morning and then get heavier as the day progresses. Winds will be 35-45 mph to start with gusts in the 50mph range.

Take precautionary measures now to tie down outside furniture, move vehicles from low lying areas, and continue to monitor the storm.