Employee Spotlight- Mary Ivancich

Mary Ivancich is the heart and soul of the Building Department here in Beach Haven. Mary has worked for the Borough in her current department for 18 years and has no plans for retirement any time soon.  She is a very dedicated individual who always goes above and beyond to make sure that the public receives prompt and efficient responses to their construction needs.

Mary is originally from Croatia, not learning English until she and her husband, Gregory moved to Beach Haven in 1960. Her two sons attended the Beach Haven School, where Mary became an active member of the Beach Haven PTA.

Mary began her career in the Borough of Beach Haven in the construction office in 1997. She handles all the scheduling for building inspections and processes all of the building permits. She is currently the Technical Assistant to the Construction Official.

When she is not processing permits or scheduling inspections, Mary enjoys gardening and baking. She also enjoys doting on her husband of 55 years, her children and grandchildren.

So the next time you stop by the Building Department, make sure you thank Mary for all of her hard work and dedication.

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